High-angle view of Hotel El Convento

Things to Do

Attractions in Old San Juan

Nestled in the heart of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, Hotel El Convento offers an array of attractions and things to do just steps away. Explore the historic charm of the city, visit iconic landmarks like El Morro Fort and San Juan Cathedral, and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage at the Puerto Rico Museum of Art. Stroll along the colorful streets filled with shops, galleries, and restaurants, savoring the flavors of local cuisine. Relax on pristine beaches, embark on sailing adventures, or enjoy water sports in the sparkling Caribbean waters. With its prime location, Hotel El Convento provides an unforgettable experience, blending history, culture, and natural beauty at your fingertips. 

Exterior of Plaza las Amerícas near Hotel El Convento

Plaza las Américas

Enjoy a day of shopping at the Caribbean super mall – Plaza Las Américas.

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Interior of Mall of San Juan near Hotel El Convento

Mall of San Juan

Located minutes from the Luis Munoz Marin airport, this upscale shopping mall offers entertainment for the whole family with a notable playground, and a unique dining experience.

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Interior of Club Jibarito near Hotel El Convento

Club Jibarito

For almost two decades, Club Jibarito has set the standards of luxury retail in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, offering a wide array of Elite jewelry and watch brands.

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Racks in a women's clothing store near Hotel El Convento

Collective Request

A women's clothing store with a design that reflects both classic and modern accents with the decoration, that goes simply perfect with the collections available.

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Premium quality Panama Hats in El Galpon near Hotel El Convento

El Galpon

Features high to premium quality Panama Hats in a wide range of custom styles and colors for both men and women.

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People are waiting in Pirilo near Hotel El Convento


A rustic pizzeria where classic Italian and international dishes are prepared with dedication with local ingredients.

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Exterior of St. Germain Bistro near Hotel El Convento

St. Germain Bistro

Looking for Brunch? This is the place for you! Inspired in the classic French cafés, this bistro offers a variety of breads, quiches, and styled breakfasts full of creativity for the whole family.

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Anita La Mamma del Gelato near  Hotel El Convento

Anita La Mamma del Gelato

After a sunny afternoon in Old San Juan, nothing better than stopping for a refreshing cool treat.

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Shops in Cristo Street near Hotel El Convento

Shopping At Cristo Street

Possibly the best street to go shopping in Old San Juan, Calle Del Cristo is lined with designer stores, outlets, and boutiques where you can shop till you drop.

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Shops in Fortaleza Street near Hotel El Convento

Shopping At Fortaleza Street

With La Fortaleza – the governor’s mansion, as a starting point, this street has a little bit for everyone.

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Al Fresco Rooftop Bar near Hotel El Convento

Al Fresco Rooftop Bar

Intimate and exclusive rooftop located in the 3rd floor of St. Germain Bistro at Sol street.

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Well-arranged chairs in Marmalade near Hotel El Convento


This very modern restaurant with cutting edge dishes is a must in Fortaleza Street.

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Plates and glasses arranged, La Lanterna near Hotel El Convento

La Lanterna

Chef Franco Seccarelli's first restaurant in San Juan, is a nostalgic trip across classic Italy with its tasteful dishes and fine wine pairings, La Lanterna by Franco Seccarelli is a must stop for a relax and intimate dinner night.

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Exterior of Casa Cortés near Hotel El Convento

Casa Cortés

An innovative gastronomic space where chocolate plays the starring role.

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Palm trees in Barra China near Hotel El Convento

Barra China

Offering creative Puerto Rican and International cuisine for over 50 years, with the best Piña Coladas which were created here by star bartender Don Ramón Portas Mingot in 1963.

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Castillo San Felipe del Morro near Hotel El Convento

Castillo San Felipe del Morro

Extending out into San Juan Harbor, Castillo San Felipe del Morro is a 16th century military fort and World Heritage Site.

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Castillo San Cristobal near Hotel El Convento

Castillo San Cristobal

Renowned as the largest Spanish fort built in the Western Hemisphere, Castillo San Cristobal is a San Juan National Historic Site.

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Cathedral of San Juan near Hotel El Convento

Cathedral of San Juan

One of the oldest buildings in Old San Juan, the beautiful Cathedral of San Juan Bautista is the Roman Catholic cathedral and the second oldest in the Americas.

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Exterior of Plaza Colon near Hotel El Convento

Plaza Colon

Located in the doorstep of Old San Juan, in a busy square surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and the historic Tapia Theater making it great for relaxing and people watching.

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El Yunque Rainforest near Hotel El Convento

El Yunque Rainforest

Take a drive to the northeastern side of the Island to the only rainforest in the US – El Yunque.

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Luquillo Beach near Hotel El Convento

Luquillo Beach

Located on the northeast coast of Puerto Rico, Luquillo Beach is often referred to as the sun capital of the Island.

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Arts displayed in Galeria Botello near Hotel El Convento

Galeria Botello 

Located in a 350 year old Spanish building, Galería Botello showcases some of the finest internationally recognized artists.

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People sitting in La Factoria near Hotel El Convento

La Factoria

This mixology bar is a must in Old San Juan with its speakeasy vibe and laid-back style. Located in San Sebastian street, at only steps from our hotel.

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Liquor bottles arranged in La Cubanita near Hotel El Convento

La Cubanita

Neighborhood market turned bar, this whimsical hidden gem captures Old San Juan's nightlife keeping its old school rustic Cuban spirit.

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Interior of Nono's near Hotel El Convento


A classic in Old San Juan, right in the corner of San Sebastian and Cristo streets, Nono's is known for creating unforgettable moments for all its visitors.

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