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Hotel El Convento Team

When you arrive at our beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, you will be warmly welcomed by our team of hotel professionals. With decades of award-winning hospitality experience, your time at our hotel is guaranteed to be met with the finest guest services available in Puerto Rico. You can call on our team 24-hours a day to ensure all of your most important needs are met during your stay. Our team takes great pride in making sure every single guest is treated like royalty from the moment you step into Hotel El Convento.
Alfredo Arroyo, General Manager - Hotel El Convento

Alfredo Arroyo

General Manager
Larissa Diaz, Director of Sales - Hotel El Convento

Larissa Diaz

Director of Sales
Miguel Valcarcel, Revenue Manager - Hotel El Convento

Marianna Preston

Revenue Manager
Luis Castillo, Executive Chef - Hotel El Convento

Luis Castillo

Executive Chef
Jose Machuca, Chief Engineer - Hotel El Convento

Jose Machuca

Chief Engineer
Carmen Gorritz, Accounting Manager - Hotel El Convento

Carmen Gorritz

Accounting Manager
Juanita Lopez, Housekeeping Manager - Hotel El Convento

Juanita Lopez

Housekeeping Manager
Neisha Martinez, Corporate Sales Manager - Hotel El Convento

Neisha Martinez

Group Sales Manager
Ivonne Figueroa, Group Sales Manager - Hotel El Convento

Ivonne Figueroa

Corporate Sales Manager
Ely Marie Rivera, Catering Manager for Social Event - Hotel El Convento

Ely Marie Rivera

Catering Manager for Social Event
Stephanie Guzman, Catering Manager - Hotel El Convento

Stephanie Guzman

Catering Manager for Social Events
Mariolga Martinez, Corporate Catering Manager - Hotel El Convento

Mariolga Martinez

Catering Sales Manager
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